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Change Management

What is Change Management? Do we need?
Change management is an approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping change stakeholders to accept and embrace changes in their business environment. Change management means using a structured approach to the user-side of your Google Apps deployment.

Yes every organization trying to implement any new process or system would need change management. End users or even your senior management might have got used to a certain system or a process. Though you and your top management are quite aware of the benefits of the new system or process you are trying to implement, everybody in your organization wouldn't agree to that. So its important that you have a very planned and methodological approach to bring in the change. End of the day all that matters is high end user adoption and satisfaction rate.

Change management is also a way to:
  • Increase user adoption, utilization and proficiency 
  • Reduce risk related to acceptance
  • Lower costs related to unplanned disruptions to business operations
The Value of Change Management:

Change management is strongly correlated with project success.
  • A McKinsey study showed a significantly higher ROI for projects with change management
  • 143% ROI for projects with excellent change management
  • 35% ROI for projects with poor or no change management
  • A study entitled Six Ways IT Projects Fail published in Darwin revealed the reasons IT projects fail included:
    • Lack of executive sponsorship
    • Unrealistic expectations 
    • Poor or dishonest communication

Consularis Approach of Change Management:
Consularis has a team of Change Management Specialists and Certified Trainers who would understand your business environment, working culture and design a change management program involving activities like:
  • Readiness
  • Communications
  • Training 
These activities help your users make the switch to Google Apps seamless.