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Secure VPN & WAN

Want to connect all your branches or factories, warehouses, remote laptop users to Head Office in secured way?

Want to remotely manage all your branches from HO?

Want to host or co-locate your ERP server in a data centre?

Want your employees to work from home?

Consularis specialises in providing a robust and secure Wide Area Network for your organisation. Connect all your branches, factories, warehouses, remote work force either to your HO network or to your ERP server hosted / co-located at a data centre.

We have a dedicated team of certified Cisco & Fortinet Certified Engineers who can design, install and maintain your Wide Area Network. We provide secure VPN and WAN solutions through

  • Cisco
  • Fortinet

Secured Access and Remote Access

secure remote access
By providing secure, on-demand access both internally and remotely our business solutions seamlessly connect employees with the applications and information they need to drive productivity and profitability. Better still, the inherent flexibility of our solution architecture means that our solutions can quickly and easily adapt to meet the specific access requirements of any organization.

Consularis provides powerful and efficient access solutions for a wide range of customers-from small, local businesses to large, global enterprises, in everything from financial services and healthcare to government and education. Whatever you access and security challenges you can be confident that Consularis can solve them.

Secure Remote Access
Enables mobile employees, home workers, extranet partners, customers and other authorized users to access business critical applications and resources - thereby increasing productivity.

Site-to-Site Access
Site-to-site SSL VPN access solutions provide all the benefits of traditional IPSec site-to-site connectivity and go above and beyond, introducing granular access control and the ability to connect sites at the network, host, or application level.

Wireless LAN Security
SSL VPN, deployed behind WLAN access points and routers, secure WLAN connections and provide granular access control based on user identity.

Universal Access
SSL VPN systems enable universal access, the ability for IT managers to define end-user secure access policies in one place, eliminating the need to set up and maintain ACLs on a multiple switches and appliances.

Enhance Productivity and Cut Costs
Our Secure VPN solutions provide exceptional security through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data in transit from unauthorized access and attacks. Our VPN Solutions help you to
  • Use highly secure communications, with access rights tailored to individual users
  • Quickly add new sites or users, without significantly expanding your existing infrastructure
  • Improve productivity by extending corporate networks, applications, and collaboration tools
  • Reduce communications costs while increasing flexibility

Consularis has partnered with leading Service Providers for providing MPLS VPN connectivity solutions

Data Centre Solutions

Consularis partners with leading Service Providers for providing Data Center Solutions

Server Co-location Services
Have your own servers but are looking for the speed, reliability and security you can only expect from an expert in managed hosting services? Our server co-location services are designed to grow with your business's changing needs.

Dedicated Hosting
Host mission-critical and resource-intensive applications on pre-configured, high-performance dedicated servers to make critical business data and applications available for access within the shortest time possible.

Bandwidth Services
Our bandwidth services provide you with scalable, high-performance network architecture with maximum uptime and availability.

Disaster Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery Services empower you to respond in a systematic, non-chaotic manner to a disaster, restore the integrity of your hardware, software and data and resume system operations fast.